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11th Biennial Carolina Biophysics Symposium

Welcome!  The 11th Biennial North Carolina Biophysics Symposium will be held October 25-26, 2018 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  A central goal of the symposium is to bring together North Carolina Biophysicists and this year’s meeting is being organized and sponsored by NC State, Duke, UNC, Wake Forest, and the NIEHS. The meeting will include sessions focused on RNA Structure and Dynamics, Cellular Microenvironments, Protein Engineering and Design, and Blood Coagulation. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

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Confirmed Speakers for the 11th Biennial Meeting

RNA Structure and Dynamics
(sponsored by Ribometrix)
  • Sarah Woodson (Johns Hopkins)
  • Adrian Ferré-D’Amaré (NIH)
  • Lois Pollack (Cornell)
  • Qi Zhang (UNC)
  • Robin Stanley (NIEHS)
Cellular Microenvironments / Phase Transitions in Biology
  • Sua Myong (Johns Hopkins)
  • Rohit Pappu (Washington University)
  • Amy Gladfelter (UNC)
  • Daphne Klotsa (UNC)
  • Michael Rubinstein (Duke)
Protein Engineering and Design
  • Jennifer Cochran (Stanford)
  • Gevorg Grigoryan (Dartmouth)
  • Jeff Gray (JHU)
  • Bala Rao (NC State)
Blood Coagulation / Biophysics of Disease
  • Mark Alber (UC Riverside)
  • Paul Janmey (Penn)
  • Alan Schechter (NIH)
  • Ellie Rahbar (Wake Forest)
  • Shay Soker (Wake Forest)